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Help!  Newly converted windows user.  Typically my photos are organized into nice folders in windows for events.  However when my iphoto loaded, there are about 600+ "events".  All unlabeled.  Many of them just random nonsense pictures from my iphone clogging.  Is there any easy way to organize these without having to go through each event and either delete the nonsense pics or rename/merge the albums?  Help help!!!



Apple TV, iOS 6.1
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    Did you import them all at one go?

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    Most of them yes when i first installed my Mac.


    Concerened about how to actually organize this mess without having to go through each pic/event.  Also when I want to import my backup of last 10 years of pics (right now neatly organized into folders on a backup drive) if I will have the same prob...?


    Any help is much appreciated.




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    You can merge Events by simply dragging one to another


    You can move photos from one Event to another by flagging them, then selecting the target Event and going Events menu -> Add Photos to selected Events


    You can create Events by flagging the photos and simply going Events -> Create Event Flagged Photos.


    If you want to maintain your existing groupings them import each group, one at a time.


    iPhoto Menu -> Preferences -> general: What have you chosen for 'Autosplit Events'


    Other possibilities for using iphoto:


    I use Events simply as big buckets of Photos: Spring 08, July - Nov 06 are typical Events in my Library. I use keywords and Smart Albums extensively. I title the pics broadly.


    I keyword on a



    Where basis (The When is in the photos's Exif metadata). I also rate the pics on a 1 - 5 star basis.


    Using this system I can find pretty much find any pic in my 50k library in a couple of seconds.


    So, for example, I have a batch of pics titled 'Seattle 08' and a  typical keywording might include: John, Anne, Landscape, mountain, trees, snow. With a rating included it's so very easy to find the best pics we took at Mount Rainier.


    File -> New Smart Album

    set it to 'All"

    title contains Seattle

    keyword is mountain

    keyword is snow

    rating is 5 stars


    Or, want a chronological album of John from birth to today?


    New Smart Album

    Keyword is John

    Set the View options to Sort By Date Ascending


    Want only the best pics?

    add Rating is greater than 4 stars


    The best thing about this system is that it's dynamic. If I add 50 more pics of John  to the Library tomorrow, as I keyword and rate them they are added to the Smart Album.


    In the end, organisation is about finding the pics. The point is to make locating that pic or batch of pics findable fast. This system works for me.

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    Photos for Mac

    Search the forums - Old Toad has posted suggestions on importing a folder struture keeping it the same in iPhoto


    In iPhoto you will use albums and folders for a tree like organization - not events