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After using Lightroom for years, I recently processed my first couple weddings start to finish in Aperture and was very pleased with the results.


The first thing I did was work through all the photos, select the best, process them, and make a book. Of course, for the book, I cropped the photos in a variety of ways.


I then wanted to print 100 four-by-sixes. I didn't really want to recrop all the earlier photos.


What's the right or best way to handle this? Hope I've made my question clear.



Aperture 3, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.4)
  • Kirby Krieger Level 6 (12,510 points)

    Create new Vwersions. Crop them. Keep Versions stacked in Adjustment Stacks. Like this:


    Select the Images you want. Duplicate Version. Create new Album. Collapse all Stacks. Your newly-created Versions should be the Stack Picks. Activate cropp tool. Crop. Arrow to next Image. Crop. Continue to end.


    You now have an Album ready to publish.


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  • William Porter Level 1 (45 points)

    Thanks Kirby. Think I've got the idea.


    I only want these crops temporarily — long enough to print them (or export them). But it looks like, when I'm done printing or exporting, I can just delete the album. So I think this will work fine.


    I enjoyed your iPhone's "spling"!




    p,s. GOOD GRIEF I DID IT AGAIN. I clicked "This solved my question" on my own response. I don't even think that should be possible. Sorry. Need to spend more time in the forum and figure out how it works.

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    the forum software has a race hazzard. If you write an answer and immediately afterwards click the "Solved" or "Helpfu" button, you my accidentally mark yor own post as the solution. Just wait a bit, or mark the posts before you post a "Thank You" answer.





    I clicked "This solved my question" on my ownresponse. I don't even think that should be possible.

    It is possible, so you can mark your own solution as such, if you post it. But it will gain you no reputation points

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    Danke, Leonie. I'll get used to it eventually. I'm glad to know I'm not getting any reputation points. That would be really embarrassing!