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Heads up: I'm not very computer savvy but, I have a 15" MacBook Pro. Late 2011/Early 2012 I think. Version 10.7.5.


So over the past few weeks ( through Google Chrome), videos online. They load fast, I can click play on a 40 minute video and I don't need to pause for buffereing and loading.

In the middle of one of the videos though, it stops loading and I thought it was just a blip in the internet connection. So I reloaded the page, this time it tages about twice as long to load the video and then stops again. Each time I re-loaded the page the amount that it would download became shorter until it wouldn't play anything at all. I tried in Safari as well, with no luck. I thought it might have been the website, but then I tried youtube, network websites, videos on tumblr, anything I could think of and nothing would load.


The internet connection is fine, because another MacBook pro can connect wirelessly without problems. I've just updated my software, cleared a lot of my memory space on the hardrive, updated flash-player and nothing seems to be working. I follwed a few other answered questions on here such as turning off IPv6 or something along those lines and turning off various things and reconfiguring. It was all confusing to me and they didn't work either...


Now it's gotten to the stage where Safari (as I uninstalled Gogle Chrome to reinstall it) will not let me load random pages, such as the download pages for Google Chrome and Firefox. 4/5 times images won't show on pages that do seem to be working.


When I'm tryign to load a page in Safari, the little blue bar travels across it ust fine and then all of a sudden disappears, but there is stil an x in the navigation bar (as if it's loading) rather then a refresh button.


I'm hoping someone out there could help! If you need any more info on my computer I will dish it up as long as you let me know where to find it.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.5)
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    Does the same content load at full speed on the other Mac?

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    What you're describing sounds like it could be one of a few things:


    1) It's possible that the wireless card in your computer has something wrong with it.


    2) You've may have some sort of obscure problem with your computer's firmware, and you should resinstall the operating system.


    3) There actually is something wrong with your internet connection.


    I know that the 3rd one sounds unlikely, given that your other computer works fine on your internet connection. However, for whatever reason, your internet modem could just be spitting out bandwidth in unequal quantities to each computer. This could also be caused by an inconsistency in your router's QoS settings.


    Either way, I would advise that you make an appointment at the Apple store, or some reputable computer repair shop. I think that the most likely of these three problems would be that something is wrong with your wireless card.

    I hope this helps!