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I'm experiencing a very very annoying issue with downloading iTunes Match music on my iPhone 5.


This has happened on numerous occasions since subscribing and I cannot seem to find any mention of it within the community.


The general experience goes like this:


1. I purchase new music (not normally from iTunes store) and then add it to iTunes on my iMac.

2. Match syncs the music and either matches it or uploads it to iCloud.

3. I want to listen to the new music on my iPhone 5 on the way home from / into work so I hit download (so I can listen on the underground in London!) before I leave home / work.

4. I look back at the phone after 10-15 mins and the tracks have all downloaded, BUT have now subsequently completely disappeared from iTunes. I search for them in the Artists area / "Recently Added" playlist and they do not exist.

5. I am connected to 3G for a couple of hours and still NOTHING appears.

6. Finally at some random points hours later, even if on wifi, the new tracks suddenly pop up in iTunes on my iPhone.


The immediate most burning question is how, after just supposedly "downloading" to the iPhone, can it possibly just simply disappear - this is one of the most ******** user experience journeys I have ever had the displeasure of experiencing.


It's so illogical and annoying it's beyond belief... this really is a deal breaker for me using Match.


Does anyone have any knowledge of this and possibly shed any light on it?


This one issue basically makes me feel like cancelling / not renewing my Match subscription.


Thanks in advance,



iPhone 5, iOS 6.1.4
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    To ensure that you have precisely the Songs you need ahead of your journey it would be better to synchronise over a wired connection - simply switch match off, synchronise, switch match on - match will not remove the Songs and they will be there for listening on the Tube.


    From your description is sounds like iTunes Match is completing a series of updates over the air to your iPhone which are simply not completing in a timely fashion.  It should be possible to update whilst in WiFi range ahead of your journey - allowing update over mobile comms will inevitably be a slow experience.

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    Hi mracole,


    So what you're saying is that Match fundamentally doesn't work? What's the point in me paying for such a service if I have to disable it to acheive a job that it should already be doing.


    Generally Match is fine, it is just this really annoying & illogical behaviour of the tracks physically disappearing from my iPhone instantly after they have downloaded (which  proves that the connection I am using is sufficient for the purpose whether it be wifi or 3G).


    Why does it takes hours for them to reappear when they shouldn't be disappearing in the first place?


    I will send some feedback to Apple in the vein hope that they can fix the bug.


    Thanks for taking the time to respond


    Regards, Justin

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    I've just come across the same issue.

    I have an album on my iPad but it has completely disappeared from my iPhone, also from playlists.

    On iTunes, this album appears as purchased.


    I'm wondering if there is any solution to it.

    I've restarted my phone but no result.