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When I synced my phone, a message read to effect: sync will delete 25% of your calendar.  I pressed yes after it repeatedly popped up everytime I synced my phone (first few synch, saying no).  Finally, unsure exactly what the message meant (ie that it would delete my computer's calendar, as opposed to my phone's calendar, I pressed YES.  Now I find the calendar entries on my computer are deleted.  Can I recover this? How?  Thanks.

iPhone 4, Windows XP
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    Do you make frequent backups of your PC to an external drive?  That's where the data would be.

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    Thanks but my question really has two parts -


    (a) how can merely syncing my iphone to my computer wind up deleting all the calendar entries on both my computer and iphone; and


    (b) does the calendar version prior to syncing remain on my computer in some file?  Does the calendar automatically archive?  Where would that be?  Certainly, I understand that if I frequenly back up the file on my own that would be the easiest way to restore information.  If I knew that merely synching my iphone with my computer would make me LOSE data on the computer, I would avoid syncing.

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    I have the solution for your problem just do as i say...



    1.When you sync some files in any iDevice using iTunes the previous files will be deleted.


    2.But there is one way to get them back.


    3.The method by which you can get them back are Backup.


    4.You can perform it by iTunes or the iCloud in it itself.


    5.Then after backup you sync that backup files to your iPhone.


    Have a nice day.


    You can also read this article for more details:

    http://recoveryiphonedata.blogspot.com/2013/08/how-to-recover-lost-data-from-ios .html