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Apple told me to backup my ipad using iTunes then reset settings (I think not erase as well). They said then use this to restore it and it will remove a glitch which has made the ipad block off 2/3 of its memory for video use, the store said it may have done this intuitively. I fear about what I can lose and when I plugged my ipad into my computer to backup it was far from clear what to do. Can explain further what to do, I got the feeling it it a common problem given i did not need an appointment to have it explained to me.

iPad, iOS 6.0.1
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    this may help...




    Let me add more info...


    When device is connected to computer's itunes, click the device name in left panel of itunes and then look at the Summary tab for that device (middle panel).  Do a manual backup.  Then choose to manually restore.

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    I tried this and iTunes provided me with a welcome to your new ipad screen. It has never been connected to that computer before so could this be the issue.

    Or the iTunes on the computer has never been used by me, solely for managing my wife's music. Could this be why it only wanted to recognise the ipad as a brand new device. I do not wish to reset it without knowing this backup is in place. Am I just over thinking this?