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I just noticed today that my TV shows icon has dissappeared from the Apple TV screen. I do not have aceess to my purchased content, unless I use my iPad and Airplay, which I do not want to do all the time.


I have restored all settings and dowloaded all software updates.


Is there s remedy to correct this?





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    Welcome to the Apple Community.


    There appears to be a large increase in this type of problem at this time, it seems that that there is a problem at Apple's end, but I couldn't at all be sure.


    There are no issues being reported at Apple’s System Status page, but this status may yet be updated and it may be you need to try again a little later.


    This isn't affecting me here in the UK, where exactly are you.


    So far I have noted users in the following locations having similar problems:


    • USA


    If this is a problem at Apple’s end, it rarely happens, however when it does only Apple can fix it. When this has occurred previously it has usually been resolved in a few hours or slightly more.

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    Thanks for the quick response. I live in the US. I will keep checking to see if a resolution has been posted.

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    Just want to add some details to this, I am having the same problem: no TV Show app on Apple TV 3rd gen.


    I was watching a TV show I had just purchased this morning, The power on the Apple TV was disconnected and when I turned it back on, the icon for the TV app was gone.


    I live in Minnesota U.S.


    I also restored my Apple TV and went through the updates again to no avail.


    Again, no Question just wanted to add a second story to help the process.


    P.S. I was right in the middle of the newest Breaking Bad!!!!!!!

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    I have this same issue. I was just watching How I met your Mother. When the episode ended I went to the menu to see the next episode and I couldn't find the TV Show Icon on my Apple TV. I hope this gets fixed soon. I dont want to lose all my TV shows. I do not have enough room on my lap top to down load them all either.

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    I had the same problem so I just performed the restore and once that was complete the TV Shows app was back in place.

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    Shawnette_H wrote:


    I had the same problem so I just performed the restore and once that was complete the TV Shows app was back in place.

    You may not have needed to do that, I have only just this minute seen another post where the poster claims that the TV show icon has now returned of it's own accord.

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    You are correct, the problem is now solved!....great work everyone and thanks for the feedback!