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Hi all,


I hope you guys could should some light on and issue we are having at my office.


I have 2 girls in our ad department.  Angie is on a relatively new Mac Pro running 10.7, and Robin is on a G5 Mac Pro running 10.5.  They are part of our company network of about 150 windows computers.  Everything works just fine except for a NAS that is used primarily for our ad department.  Both girls have read and write access to this NAS. 


Here's the problem.  Robin can upload files to the NAS with no issues.  She can open items with no issue.  She cannot delete or edit any items.  If Angie drops a file onto Robin's desktop via finder, Robin can't delete/edit it.  And if Robin does the same to Angie, Angie can't delete/edit it.  Angie can upload/edit/delete anything on the NAS with no issues. 


Just for curiusity's sake, I hooked my intel imac 10.8 onto the network.  Admin gave me read/write access and I can do whatever I want on the NAS, with no issues. 


The temporary fix these girls have found is to change the permissions of the nas, the change them back to the original, and apply to enclosing folders. 


Do you geniuses have any ideas on how to make this work without a hitch?

Reply by Grant Bennet-Alder on Aug 29, 2013 8:31 PM Helpful

It sounds like the files each user creates are owned by the creator. That is normal. But then only the creator can modify them.


To make this work, both need to be members of the same Group, and each must have Group Read/Write permissions on the files/Directories created.


Troubleshooting permissions issues in Mac OS X


You could also be running afoul of this obscure problem:


OS X Server: When saving files on SMB shares, the permissions may be changed so only the owner can read or write

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