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I am basically editing two pieces of talking heads footage into a 3 minute movie.


The lighting shifted from one head to the other when we recorded this thing, so footage 1 doesn't match footage 2. I color corrected a clip from footage 1 on the timeline so It now matches 2. But, there is another clip/s from that same footage later in the timeline that look like it's was from a different shoot, more contrast and darker. Probably messed with it/them before I got the earlier clip the way I wanted. Problem is: when I paste effects, I get something altogether different. What can I do remedy this situation?

Can I clear all the correction I may have made to the clip and start fresh? Do I need to drag it in again and start over? Taken some very helpfull tutorials and learned a lot. HELP?


Images look much darker on my Mac. First one is waht I want to achieve.


Screen Shot 2013-08-29 at 5.19.45 PM.jpgScreen Shot 2013-08-29 at 5.19.33 PM.jpg

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    First, you can remove any filters from a clip in the timeline, by control clicking on the clip in the timeline and choosing "remove attributes" clicking on filters and hitting ok.  This will remove all filters applied to the clip.


    You can also double click on the clip in the timeline which loads it into the viewer and in the viewer filter tab, select any filter and hit delete.


    there's also usually a reset button in the filter tab to reset the filter to it's original settings.


    Which color correction filter are you using?  I recommend the 3-way color correct.  Learning to read video scopes and then using the scopes as a reference and trying to match the scopes for the 2 shots is often a good way to start. 


    You might also try sending the sequence to color which has a much more sophisticated tool set (and a much larger learning curve).