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My old Airport started to blink rapidly green, non stop. I've asked advice here before and did all the steps. I've downloaded the new Utility version 5.6, did the hard return, gave the express a new password etc. This was all working for one day and then the Airport started the blink again green very rapidly. Now I could not find the Airport anymore on the Utility. There I get the message that no wireless device could be detected.


Having done this, is it time for a new Airport, or did I oversee something.

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    A constant blinking green (1 sec intervals) indicates that the base station is attempting to initialize. It appears that yours is in a perpetual startup state which may indicate a hardware failure.


    Before giving up on the base station, I would suggest that you perform a "factory default" reset on it. Note: It may take several attempts to get it to "stick."


    If you still get the rapidly blinking green status light, it most likely has failed.