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My MacBook Pro X.6.8 after I did software update for 2 files, then restart/rebooted and when it resume back NO DISPLAY, totally black screen. I believed It's working in the background coz when I pressed buttons it makes sounds, so that's good but how can I see and bring back the display? I didnt so anything special. Prior to software update I did update my Adobe Flash for the latest version..


Please help anyone, I need my MacBook Pro to resume back to normal, I have many pending job to finish.. I hope the problem is only the display screen and not worst, coz I can't see and verify.



MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8), Software Update No screen display
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    What I have had once is, that I had to press the F2 button (or F2+Fn) because the screen was set to zero brightness.

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    Hi there,


    Yes i did the same earlier and still NO DISPLAY..

    I believed it works in the background have sounds when I pressed buttons like sound and esc. there's light on my caps lock but no display..

    I did tried again the brighteness button function, still no dislplay... what else to do ? 

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    OK, now it gets interesting:

    resart while holding the SHIFT key, it will start in the so-called safe mode, only the smallest part of the system software will start and no user things. When this works, then a second normal restart most of the time works also.

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    Oh No, still the same.. I follow exactly what you said, still no display.

    I hear rebooting sound, like its normal, just missing my screen.


    How come this happen, it works perfectly fine, I just want to update coz I had a message prior, so I did, but I just check first what are those needed to update. I saw Itunes v.11 and security patch update, something like that..

    Then when it rebooted no more display.

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    What two "files" did you update?

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    not files, sorry, it was

    1. Itunes latest version and

    2. security updates those only.

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    Difficult to find out whether it is a hardware failure or a software problem without a screen....

    Do you still have the original grey discs that came with the Macbokpro?

    if so take all external out, put the disc 1 in and start up with holding the C key: It will start from the disc, No screen? very probable hardware failure. Have Apple check the MBP.

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    If it is the screen: I remember there was a replacement program for screens of the LG brand, maybe that it still runs (??), ask Apple.

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    I did follow your instruction, still no display...

    I was thinking to plug it to any HDMI external TV as my last option to see if will mirror the display in an extrenal screen, even its black on my notebook display, I dont know if it works or something stupid idea, I will try.

    And Yes maybe its a hardware problem for my video display, no choice but to bring to Apple care.

    Thanks for your help.