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I know everyone has helped everyone with this issue... i have read about it trying to find a solution...


I recently aquired a MB off a friend that upgraded.


created myself a new account deleting theirs, copied my music from my pc over wifi, all sweet

went to do sound at a gig using itunes for background music to dances. had to repair permissions and change all permissions to all users on the whole hdd to r&w so that i could add the songs into the itunes library. got home from work clicked on safari didnt work.


Shut down MB and now it wont start no matter what i do.


fsck comes up with modified then nothing each time i enter SUM.

i just tried chown root:admin /

which came up with

"chown: /: Read-only file system"


i dont have install disk or firewire or anything else except SUM




MacBook 6, 1

OS X 10.6.8

2gb ram


let me know of any details that i can give that will help

  • andyBall_uk Level 7 (20,490 points)

    >> ...Read-only file system"


    You'll see that if you don't follow the suggestion to mount the filesystem, which is displayed just as SUM finishes starting up.

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    yep got that now but thanks ^_^


    after a bunch more stuff i have reduced the many dubious permissions notifications that were coming up on verbose mode down to 3:






    im gonna guess that they're my problem now...

  • Mark Jalbert Level 5 (4,630 points)

    Shut down MB and now it wont start no matter what i do.


    fsck comes up with modified then nothing each time i enter SUM.

    I'd say that the filesystem is hosed if fsck in SUM shows the filesystem has been modified. At this point call Apple, have the computer serial number handy and order a replacement DVD. It will cost you around $20.00. In SUM, you can run this command to get the serial number->


    /usr/sbin/ioreg -l | /usr/bin/grep IOPlatformSerialNumber

    From the DVD you can run Disk Utility and check the smart status of the internal hard drive.

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    Ill have to do that but for now I've fixed all the permissions issues.

    I'm now stuck on "waiting for DSMOS" which I cannot find a fix for...


    I've had it for less than a week so I'm just gonna do a zero install

    All I did was copy music...

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    And it's freezing after using

    /use/bin/grep IOPlatformSerialNumber

  • Mark Jalbert Level 5 (4,630 points)

    DSMOS- Dont Steal Mac OS X.kext


    The following two links:



    indicate that the OS X retail version will work for you. I'd also check with Apple. Wipe the drive and create a new filesytem then install the OS. If the MB stays stable then you are all set. If not then you have a hardware issue.

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    Thanks everyone. Finally figured out how to do a permissions repair from SUM so I'm gonna see how this goes then wait till I get some money hopefully in the next couple says to buy the replacent disk.

    Or if I'm lucky I can log on and just buy mountain lion straight up and create a boot disk for it and wipe and reinstall with that.

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    All good now!

    Started up and set up as a new mac :)