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I know everyone has helped everyone with this issue... i have read about it trying to find a solution...


I recently aquired a MB off a friend that upgraded.


created myself a new account deleting theirs, copied my music from my pc over wifi, all sweet

went to do sound at a gig using itunes for background music to dances. had to repair permissions and change all permissions to all users on the whole hdd to r&w so that i could add the songs into the itunes library. got home from work clicked on safari didnt work.


Shut down MB and now it wont start no matter what i do.


fsck comes up with modified then nothing each time i enter SUM.

i just tried chown root:admin /

which came up with

"chown: /: Read-only file system"


i dont have install disk or firewire or anything else except SUM




MacBook 6, 1

OS X 10.6.8

2gb ram


let me know of any details that i can give that will help