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Simple question:


Running 10.6.8 on a MacBook Pro.


When I plug in any kind of external disk or drive (hard drive, USB "thumb drive," SD card, etc. etc.), the drive "mounts" normally and the icon representing the disk appears on the right edge of my desktop. Fine. That's what's supposed to happen.


HOWEVER, only the icon appears -- the window revealing the contents of the disk is not open by default upon mounting. In order for me to see the contents of the disk (whatever disk or drive it may be), I have to double-click its icon to open up its window to see what's inside.


Since I often have a screen completely filled with windows of all sorts, usually in order to even see the disk's icon on the desktop I have use an Exposé keyboard shortcut (in my case I press "Command-f3") to scoot all the windows out of the way so I can double-click the icon to get the disk's window open. Then I press "Command-f3" again to bring all the windows back.


Ergonomically, this makes no logical sense, because it should be assumed that if someone is plugging in an external drive or disk, you are doing so in order to see or access what is on that drive or disk. So the DEFAULT behavior should be that the disk's window pops open automatically upon mounting. But that's not what happens.


So: How can I change the default behavior so that external disk windows always automatically open when I plug them in and they mount?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)