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I appear to have been caught up in several problems associated with iCloud storage upgrades, and I hope that other users aren't experiencing the confusion I've had.


Earlier in August I received an email reminding me that my free storage was going to expire at the end of September, encouraging me to reduce my storage or purchase a plan.


Using the iCloud interface within System Preferences, on August 11th I upgraded my iCloud storage to the 20GB band.


Today I received another email warning me that I need to delete some files or purchase an upgrade before the end of September. I went into the iCloud interface again to check, and it was clear that my current storage plan is now the 20GB plan. It is not possible to select "Next" and purchase the plan, as it is indicating that I am already on it.


I rang up Apple Support who told me that I have not upgraded, it's just looks like I have, and that it isn't possible to upgrade my storage until two days before the 30th September.


What kind of online subscription service is so inflexible in terms of payment? And why is it so difficult to determine if I've upgraded or not? Why did it not work when I upgraded before?


I am confused and irritated and noone at Apple seemed bothered by what seems to be to be a complete mess.

MacBook Pro with Retina display, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.4)
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    To extend the complimentary Storage by paying for it please see this page:




    and expand 'How do I purchase my current plan' for instructions. From what it says you should be able to do this at any time and it will come into effect on the 30t.

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    Many thanks for the helpful reply!


    I'm not sure why the person at Apple Support who I spoke with on the phone couldn't have provided this information.


    The upgrade process is not intuitve - why would one choose the option to downgrade, when one is not in fact choosing to downgrade in any way?


    I'm also still annoyed that it isn't easy to see at a glance by looking at your account whether you have purchased an upgraded plan or not, and to easily see when you last updated your subscription, and which subscription is currently in effect. The current approach makes it hard to know whether you've upgraded or not.


    I really think I won't be the last person to be confused and frustrated by the poor process and labelling around the upgrade options!

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    How much storage space on iCloud are you currently using?

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    I have the same issue as Nicholas, but I cannot see how the support link solves the problem. It appears that I have already purchased the additional 20GB, though not surprisingly, I cannot recall doing it. I cannot do it again because the option is already selected.


    Perhaps my only problem is that Apple keeps sending me annoying warnings that are taking up my morning coffee time?

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    If you have actually purchased an upgrade, that will have cancelled the free storage from the time you made the purchase, and it will expire a year later.


    If you did not purchase an upgrade, then your free extra storage will show as if you had purchased it, and will expire on Sept 30th, in which case you need to follow the instructions in the link I gave you or you will lose it.


    What date does it give here? -