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It is a Mac OS X 10.5.8 with a processer of 1.5 GHz and is all updated.

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    Does your Powerbook have the backlit keyboard? 

    If so This old indicate a problem with the ambient light sensors.


    First try doing a PMU reset.


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    Yes but the button on the top, like the f5, f6, those types of buttons don't work, and that is where the backlight button is. And when i tried to configure a new key command shortcut to make those buttons active it didn't work. Whenever I start the computer there is an error box that says the date is something like 1963 and needs to be changed or it will cause problems, but when i do change it it never seems to stay changed. Ill try what the article says.


    Thank you for helping me!

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    Well those button won't work until the ambient light sensor detects low light or darkness.

    At which point the keyboard will light up. Then the buttons will be come active for you to brighten or dim the keyboard back lights.

    The reason why your date keep going back to 1970 is due to the PRAM battery (backup battery) within the unit being dead. You would need a replacement PRAM battery or a new main battery (underneath)


    The screen will go dim when the light in he room is not so brighter and the keyboard back lights go on.

    By shining a torch, your telling the ambient light sensor that it's a light room and so the screen will come on brighter.

    To me this problem would seem like a problem with your ambient light sensors. There are two, one either side of the keyboard above the speakers.