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I see no function for the insertion of a row or column available.  Is it even possible?

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    Just found out.  There's a side tab to the box when you click on it.  I'm very new. 

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    New Numbers users can get a real boost by downloading the Numbers User Guide PDF from the Help menu. The first four chapters will get you off on the proper foot. Then, when you are ready to go beyond the basics, use the rest of the manual as a resource.



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    "There's a side tab to the box when you click on it.  I'm very new."


    It's called the Row Reference Tab for that row.


    Here are two other ways to insert a row into a Numbers table:


    1. Click any cell to select it. Go Table (menu) > Insert Row Above toinsert a row above the selected cell, or Go Table > Insert Row Below to insert a row below the selected cell.

    2. Click any cell to select it. Press option-up arrow OR option-down arrow to insert a row above or below the selected cell.


    To insert multiple rows, use a variation of the first method:


          Select a column of as many cells as you wish to add rows. Go Table > Insert Rows Above (or Below).


    I'll second Jerry's remarks regarding the Numbers '09 User Guide.




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    Thank you Barry!  I got it.

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    Very very useful.  Thank you.