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I am running IMovie 11, IDVD 7.12 on an IMac 2.7 Ghz i5 OS 10.8.2. I worked for about two months creating an IMovie that covers my family's entire seventeen day trip to Greece and Istanbul. It has a lot of title slides that explain in detail what we saw. I purchased copious amounts of Greek and Turkish music and appropriate sound effects. The Movie is about 150 minutes long. I previewed I Movie and it worked great. I transferred to IDVD by using share IDVD. I chose Professional Quality  and wide screen, NTSC and Dual layer disc. The DVD preview worked great, however after burning the disc there were two problems. First, the intro theme with drop zones and scene selections failed to appear. I suspect that was because there was something on the initial menu tile in the map. I suspect that created an autoplay but won't know until I burn another copy. Does that make sense to you?

Second, at about the 130th minute all of the audio was muted. Pictures and video footage were there also all of the title slides but no audio. I called Apple Support and since I am still qualified under Apple Care they agreed to help. First attempt was to delete the previous encoding and re-burn. that took three hours but the disc had the same problems. (At that time, neither myself not the apple tech thought about the autoplay feature, as I was most concerened about the audio problem.) After that disc failed again I called Apple Support again. This time we cleared out the autoplay function, trashed the two preference files for IDVD in the preferences folder and shutdown the computer. I started it back up by zapping the parameter ram. Option, Command, P and R buttons on start-up. I am currently re-encoding and reburning another dual layer disc. If this doesn't work, could the problem be the size of the project? Is there any way that I can take my IMovie project and split it into two sections of about an hour and fifteen minutes each then burn them through IDVD to two different discs? If this would work please tell me how to make a copy of my IMovie project and how I can split it in two. Also any other ideas anyone has would be greatly appreciated. TIA


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iMovie '11, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2), IDVD 7.12
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    Can it be so that You use DL-DVDs ? They can be problematic - I only use SL-DVDs




    No audio on DVD disc.


    Most common origin.


    1. Imported audio from iTunes.

    • In iTunes copy out as an Audio-CD .aiff (Same as played on standard Stereo CD - no .mp3)

    • Use this in Your movie project


    2. Low - Free Space on Start-up/Boot/Internal/Mac OS Hard disk makes it hard for iMovie to work as intended.

    Down to 1.3 GB and it doesn’t work - especially audio don’t migrate over to Media Browser (iM’08 & 09)


    3. Material in iMovie’08 & 09 - Shared to Media Browser and here selected as MEDIUM (or ev. as Large)

    large.m4v. It silenced out this project in iDVD. By making a slight alteration - provoking it to ask for a new Share/Publish to Media Browser and here selecting 640x480 - and audio was back when a new iDVD project was created including this movie.


    Minuscular - - 176x144

    Mobile - - - - - 480x360

    Medium - - - - 640x480

    Large - - - - - - 720x540    960x540

    HD - - - - - - - - 1280x720


    4. Strange audio formats like .mp3, .avi etc.

    • Change them to .aiff. Use an audio editor like Audacity (free)


    5. Main audio is set to off in System Preferences - Does this by it self - Don’t know why

    Cheque Audio-Out resp. Audio-In


    6. Ed Hanna

    Had the same problem; some Googling around gave me a kludgy, but effective fix


    Downgrade Perian from recent versions back to version 1.0.


    That worked for me, and so far I haven't encountered any deficiencies — except it takes more advanced versions of Perian to enable QuickTime to handle subtitles in .srt format — that I have noticed.


    7. GarageBand fix.

    In this set audio to 44.1 kHz (Klaus1 suggestion)

    (if this don’t work try 48 kHz - me guessing)


    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    Before burning the DVD.

    • Do a DiskImage (File menu and down)

    • Double click on the .img file

    • Test it with Apple DVD-player


    If it’s OK then make Your DVD.

    Burn at x1 speed.... (or x4)

    • In iDVD 08 - or - 09

    • Burn from DiskImage with Apple’s Disk Utilities application

    • OR burn with Roxio Toast™ if You got it


    Yours Bengt W

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    More info. I tried creating a disk image of my iDVD project. I had the same problem. The audio cut out with about twenty minutes to go. Both the digital photos and the video footage were visible but no audio was present. To my way of thinking that eliminates the disks as the problem. Could the problem be in iMovie when it hands off a project to iDVD?

    Should I trash iMovie's preferences like I trashed iDVD's?

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    Final follow-up. The issue appears to have been the fact that I had too much material on theDVD. I just re-did the last 22 minutes in a new DVD and that solved the problem. Thanks for your suggestions.