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I recently strated having a problem with my apple TV devices, Neither of them will play movies, music or TV shows that I have purchased from itunes.  Everything else seems to work, HBOGO, YouTube, etc.  I have 4 devices already registered in Itunes with my apple TV's not being any of them.  Can anyone tell me what might be going on?

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    Welcome to the Apple Community.


    Are you trying to play them through music, movies and TV shows or through computers.


    What happens when you try.

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    All three and none work, I can play my music, movies, tv shows through the computer via Itunes

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    There was only 2 choices.


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    Option 1

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    1. Does it play properly when you play them through 'computers' (option 2)


    2. What happens when you try to play them from the movies, TV shows and Music icons.

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    For 1.  It says accessing mikes play list, and then my iTunes on my PC locks up, windows 8 is I think the reason why- still trouble shooting.


    For 2.  It says " accessing iTunes Store". And the loading dial rotates and nothing happens.

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    So it cant access the iTunes Store or your computer. It may well be a networking problem. Have you tried any of the following:

    Troubleshooting WiFi Networks

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    I am also having issues with all three of my Apple TVs.  My problem lies with option 2 - All of my TVs are hooked up to my home network, however, when I go to "Computers" on my Apple TVs it will not allow me to access my iTunes on my HP.  Any ideas?

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    I am having exactly the same problem. Option 1 wont play any music or video and films that are purcahsed or in . If I use 'computers' section i can play films and music no problem.


    The problem goes away temporarily if I re-start but immediately returns after I have watched one film. I have done all of the checks around network, the signal strength is full, broadband strength (20mb), software updated and still when I try and play anything i get the spinning wheel going round and round while it tries to load


    More confusing is that I can play preview trailers on i-tunes store through the apple TV, it will even let me rent films and play them but purchased stuff in my i-tunes library in option 1 wont play for love nor money!!


    We have another apple TV in another room that works just fine, no problems at all. The one that works fine is right next to the wireless router, but I have checked the apple Tv that isnt working - the signal strength is at maximum?!??!


    Any ideas - as I am flat out of tests to run?


    Many Thanks in advance



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    I am having a similar issue.  I can stream purchased movies and tv shows from my laptop to the apple TV, but I cannot watch them directly through apple tv.  When I try to, it begins to load and then an error message comes up: "cannot connect to itunes" and sometimes it will even crash and reboot the apple tv.


    I can see everything I purchased, just not play through the apple tv unless I stream from the computer.


    I reset the apple tv, was able to watch one, and now it does not work again.

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    me too...same problems.  Network is fine, but rented movies bought through ATV wont play...they take a week or more to down load.  Tried renting through Itunes on my Mac, it freezes when I try starting it then switching to ATV.  I've gone to the ATV and tried to watch through the computer option..It's there..click on it and it either freezes or gives me an error that my computer is not authorized...it is and I checked just in case.


    I had absolutely no problems for almost a year until the beginning of October....it has to be something with Apples Updates right?  Nothing on my side has changed.