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These are the instructions in the Numbers manual for numbering pages.

I can get a total page count, but no matter where I put page count, page number is always 1.

I'd like to do the 2 of 10 as the instructions indicate.  Insert the Page Number, then type of, then insert the Page Count. 

Simple.  It should work,  but I always have a 1 in the page numbering scheme!


To add the total page count, place the insertion point where you want the page count
to appear, and then choose Insert > Page Count.
To include the total page count with each page number, such as “2 of 10,” add a page
number, type “of,” and then choose Insert > Page Count.
To change the page count format, Control-click a page count and choose a new
number format.

iMacG5, Mac OS X (10.4.11)