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Where do I begin to diagnose the problem when I only get the message 'installation failed' when trying to install a profile on Apple TV to connect it to an 802.1X network?  I don't even know where to begin as there is no additional information provided.

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    Hello Helpme1090,



    The following articles may be of some use in your endeavor to get your Apple TV connected to your network.


    Apple TV: How to configure 802.1X using a profile



    Apple TV: How to install a configuration profile






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    While I appreciate you responding to my request, answering with the obvious is really not a help.  I have researched at length on this forum.  Clearly, many people have trouble with Apple TV, especially on 802.1X networks.  The device is an amazing one, WHEN it works. 


    As we have found numerous times with Apple, their products tend to give unreliable results and there is little to no documentation to go with them.  Often, they don't work the same way twice.  That is what we have gone through trying to connect this device.


    For those that are reading this item, our solution was to unplug the Apple TV, bring it home and plug it into our network.  We were able to restore all of the firmware that way and then take it back to the school where we are attempting to hook it up.  At this point, we still have had no luck in completing the connection.  What a shame, as we would like to install one in each of the classrooms in our building.  At this point, it is not looking good!

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    Which Security Type are you using? You may want to consult this thread: https://discussions.apple.com/thread/4784758.

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    The problem with 802.1x and AppleTV is that there is not battery to backup the date and time. As you know, with certifcates, there is a Valid Date range and when attempting to validate the certificate, it fails because the clock on the AppleTV defaults back to some time in 1980 (I believe). The AppleTV requires access to the internet first to update its clock and once current, it will validate the certificate and authenticate. However, this defeats the whole purpose of using 802.1x, becuase it requires another method to connect to the internet so that the clock is current then connecting using 802.1x network.



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    I am experiencing the same problem as "Helpme1090."  This problem is NOT RESOLVED by following the directions provided by "allen a."  Every forumn/thread/community post that I read points me to the same few articles describing how to create a profile and/or how to use the iPhone Configuration Utility or Apple Configurator software. 


    My problem occurs when I am actually trying to push the profile to the device.  It happens whether I use iPhone Configuration Utility or Apple Configurator.  When I try to install the profile it fails.  I have tried creating new profiles too, following the same instructions posted by "allen a."  These profiles appear to work on my iphone just fine.  But will not install on the AppleTV device.


    I have the device connected via copper ethernet with internet access, I set the current time zone.  I still cannot push the profile to the device. 



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    This can happen with a bad payload configured for the profile. I recommend that you have the latest update on the AppleTV, that you are using the latest Apple Configurator and create a new profile. That said, try configuring a profile with basic information and a WPA payload that can connect to an existing Access Point; just for testing purposes. See if that loads, if so, then it may be the payload that is causing the issue for the 802.1x. Also, you may want to try a different USB cable.



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    AppleTV is up to date, Apple Configurator is version 1.4.


    Following your suggestion I tested applying a new profile that configured a standard WPA2 connection to our guest network.  That one did install on the AppleTV correctly and is now connected to that WiFi.  That's great and proves that it works for the other authentication methods.  From the AppleTV menu when I scroll down to profiles it shows the payload "WiFi."


    I tried creating yet another new profile for 802.1x. (At this point I have created several so I'm not sure what setting I could/should be doing differently.  Just following the instructions.)  This profile did not install either.  This is very peculiar.  I just installed this profile on my iPhone (like I did with the others) and it works and connects appropriately.