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Love this HD, but it just stopped working.  Don't know if it is the power cord or some internal electronic failure.  Any suggestions?

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    A: do you hear the HD platter spin up at all?


    B: do you have a power indicator on the HD enclosure?



    LaCie doesnt make HD, its a Seagate 3.5" inside that box.  If it does NOT spin up at all, then you likely have a bad power supply to same via the SATA bridge (deja vu here).


    report back.


    LIkely your HD is fine, and only the connecting interface is bad and you can put the internal HD in the case in a HD dock to get data.



    report back on A and B.

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    This is a solid state HD, therefore there is no platter to spin.  This community has suggested problems with the power supply.  Genius Bar pointed me to La Cie website.  I ordered a power supply.  Hope it is not some internal electronic problem.

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    I would have supposed that the GB would have tried the unit on another computer to rule out your computer. I would proceed with their suggestions.