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    Before you repeat the upgrade from Aperture 2, have a look at the Release Notes:


    Scroll down all the way to "Additional Information, A note on upgrading your Aperture library":

    Note: It says "Rebuild", not "Repair"


    If you are upgrading your Aperture library from an earlier version of Aperture, here are some guidelines to assist you in a successful move to Aperture 3:

    • Before upgrading, it is recommended (though not required) that you perform a rebuild of your Aperture library. To rebuild an Aperture library, hold down the Option and Command keys while opening your library in Aperture 1.5 or 2, then click the Rebuild Now button.
    • Aperture temporarily uses extra space on your hard drive during the upgrade process. This is for the purpose of backing up critical library info and insuring the integrity of your data during upgrade. If you don't have adequate space on your hard drive to accommodate the upgrade, Aperture will display a warning dialog. You may need to move your library to a different hard drive with more space in order to upgrade it, and then move it back to the original drive when the upgrade is complete. Any space used by Aperture during the upgrade is released and made available to you again once the upgrade has finished.
    • Keep in mind that fully upgrading a very large library is a one-time process that can take a long time; the process may take many hours or even overnight, depending on the size of the library. Once the initial database upgrade is complete, you can begin working with your Aperture library. However, post-upgrade processing will continue in the background for some time, as face detection and preview generation are performed. (A progress indicator and the word "Processing" will appear in the status line of the Viewer or Browser to indicate these operations are underway.) While you can work with Aperture while these operations are performed, you may experience temporary slow-downs. Optimal performance will return when all post-upgrade processing is complete.
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    wodiczka wrote:


    Yes, you are absolutely right.  This was exactly what I did while waiting for someone to get back to me - so at least, I have my pictures back!


    That's good news!



    Everything is still working on Ap2.  Now, I am going through making copies of the photos, so that at least I have the files.  Then I will try to do what you suggest: repair the Ap2 library then open it in Ap3, right?

    Yes you want to do the library rebuild on the Aperture 2 library WITH Aperture 2.  Once that completes install Aperture 3 and try the upgrade to the library again, hopefully it will work this time.


    As for copying the photos, while having multiple backups is always a good idea you seem to be covered here with your TM backup of the library. So while I would never stop someone from making copies if they feel the need, it isn;t absolutely necessary in your case.


    good luck



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