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Hey everyone,


I have a Dell 17R, Windows 8 64 bit, intel i7-3630QM at 2.4 GHZ, 8gb ram, Nvidia GT-650M at 1920x1080 using driver 320.49


When I play a movie in iTunes, the audio works flawlessly but the video will be smooth for a few seconds, stutter and then skip small 2-3 second spots. I haven't noticed that the parts skipped are any more graphically intense than other spots and there is no discernable pattern.


In the past, I have been able to play movies through iTunes with absolutely no problem but when I downloaded this most recent one a few days ago all of my movies have been experiencing the same issue.


When I stream other videos from other sources I do not experience the same problems as I do when I use iTunes. Streaming 1080P over youtube or a similar services is no issue.


I have updated my video drivers to the latest version as well.


I am at a loss, any suggestions would be appreciated.


Microsoft windows 8.iTunes, Windows 8