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My iPod has been disabled and I forget my passcode, it said to connect to iTunes and I dont want to erase/restore because I dont have it backed up...Please help! or should I bring it to a shop that unlocks them...but that might erase it too....

iPod touch (5th generation), iOS 6.1.4
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Thanks! I'll try that

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You will have to restore from the last backup y have. The screen-lock is a good security feature


Place the iOS device in Recovery Mode and then connect to your computer and restore via iTunes. The iPod will be erased.

iOS: Wrong passcode results in red disabled screen                         

If recovery mode does not work try DFU mode.                        

How to put iPod touch / iPhone into DFU mode « Karthik's scribblings        



For how to restore:

iTunes: Restoring iOS software

To restore from backup see:

iOS: How to back up     

If you restore from iCloud backup the apps will be automatically downloaded. If you restore from iTunes backup the apps and music have to be in the iTunes library since synced media like apps and music are not included in the backup of the iOS device that iTunes makes.

You can redownload most iTunes purchases by:

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