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Row 6 in this spreadsheet is the result of Row 2/Row 3 as evidenced by the formula listed while Cell Y6 selected. How can I make the values in this row appear as durations of minutes and seconds rather than 3-digit decimals? For example, rather than appearing as 9.84 I would like the value of Cell Y6 to appear as 9:50 or 9min 50sec. (obviously .84x60seconds 50 seconds). I tried changing the cell formats from "number" to "duration," but no change is made. Using the "duration" format does however work if I am manually entering the decimal value into the cell rather than allowing it to result from another caluclation within the spreadsheet. Is there a solution to this within Numbers '09? You can see why I would want the "pace" displayed in minutes and seconds. Thanks in advance!



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MacBook Pro, iOS 6.1.4