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So I'm currently waiting for the Haswell refresh of the rMBP. I haven't decided what size I want, more than likely the 15" for quad core ans possible dGPU and I know I'm getting 16GB. My SSD however, is undecided.


I want either a 256 or a 512GB SSD. The size depends on what I can do.


I want to partition the 512GB SSD into three parts. ~100GB for OS X, ~100GB for Windows 8, and the other ~300GB as storage that BOTH OSes can access. Is it possible? I read if you leave the 300GB partition as FAT32 you can use it across both, but files can't be larger than 4GB in FAT32. So that means no games installing to the partition, I could just stick games on the Windows partition or have 4 partition, a small ~100GB for games and ~200GB for files.


Sorry if I'm explaining this badly. Is it possible?

MacBook Pro with Retina display, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.4)
  • Scotch_Brawth Level 3 Level 3

    Using three (user-facing) partitions on a drive also containing a Boot Camp partition causes problems.  See this thread for more info.

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    Correct me if I'm wrong, but you wanted to resize after you installed Bootcamp, right?


    What if you made the three partitions before you made bootcamp?

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    I don't think it worked either, though I can't recall exactly why.  I think perhaps Boot Camp throws up a warning that you have too many partitions or something, or at least one of the partitions became unavailable?  I suppose that's something you can check for yourself.


    To save yourself time, though, the best thing to do is follow the advice on the thread I linked by creating the third partition after doing the Boot Camp thing, and then fixing it.  The fixing is a trivial job and all the steps you need are in that thread.  I've done two different SSDs that way and they've both been fine since I set them up.


    Good luck