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Why do i keep getting error message 609 when i try to get Album art work, after i have imported a CD?

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    If you're receiving an error 609 when trying to get album artwork, try the steps mentioned in this article:


    iTunes: Advanced iTunes Store troubleshooting


    "Error -609"

    This alert might occur when you try to get album artwork for songs in your library. To resolve this:

    1. Open iTunes.
    2. Click Store > Sign Out (this will sign you out of the your iTunes Store account).
    3. Quit iTunes.
    4. Reopen iTunes.
    5. Click Store > Sign In and then sign in to your iTunes Store account.
    6. Try to select the songs and choose Advanced > Get Album Artwork again.

    If this does not resolve the issue, disable third-party services and startup items by booting the computer to a selective startup. Then, follow steps in iTunes for Windows: Troubleshooting security software issues to rule out security software as a cause.