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Mac OS X

So, I know that Apple and Java had a bit of a falling out a while back. Since then, it seems like I can't get my java life together again. My current issue is this:


I have a CD with some Java applets on it - basic science stuff. They are accessed via a browser from the disk. When I click the links to the applets, the page loads but no applet - even after 1) waiting a long time or 2) moving the contents to the computer HD. So, I try to run the on-disk web interface from Firefox. Still no deal. In both cases the app area appears completely blank; there is no clue that an app would be in that spot. When I attempt to run it from Chrome, that is a little closer. At least Chrome acknowedges that there would be an app there. However, Chrome can't run with Java 7 because of the whole 32 v. 64 thing.


I've checked all of my Java settings. Safari and Firefox are both clear to play Java applets. And when I go to the Java test site, it says everything is working fine. So... what might be the problem here?


Cheers to all and thanks to anybody with thoughs. I can provide more data if necessary.

OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.4), More bunches