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Here is what I have been doing:

I got my new macbook air 11" two weeks ago, and have been haven problems with wifi connection dropping, I'm using verizon fioz at home, and their router

I also have a time capsule not set up as a network just join it to my current one.


After looking online all these days, I though, maybe is the verizon device that is updated..


I then reset the time capsule, created a new network

connected my system to the time capsule network, and there it is

DONE, everything works now.


So if you are haven the same problem,, that is the fix

hope that helps.


Oh  before I did these I try everything, the wifi update from apple don't work it keeps dropping it

I try everything, so don't and delete the system as some people have done, I read somewhere.

try my fix hopes that works.


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MacBook Air, macbook air mid 2013 build 12E3200