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I am having trouble lately when I plug my iPhone 5 to charge it. Sometimes it seems to work and sometimes it does not want to charge at all. I work in IT and have access to numerous new cables (lightning to USB) and Apple 5w USB power adapter. For almost the first 10 months I had no problems. Then it started when I would plug in the Lightning to USB cable it would not charge and I would unplug it and then flip it over and plug it back in and it would charge. Now I have to switch cables and or USB power adapters around before it eventually charges. Any ideas?




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    The cable as well as the phone are still under warranty with Apple.  Why not bring both in for evaluation?

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    Good advice already. You can also try cleaning the Lightning connector on the bottom of the phone; it can fill up with pocket lint. Use a wooden toothpick or bench vacuum.

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    I exactly have the same problem.


    I think I have the cleanest Lightning connector in the world after using a thousand time a wooden toothpick but it still don't charge.


    I can't even connect it to itunes

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    I am having exactly the same problems. I have an appontment in the genius bar n 2 hours so will update you with the outcome.

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    Hey guys... Wanted to give everyone an update. I made an appointment at the local Genius Bar and everything is working great. It seems that maybe I got some lent in the port which prevented the lighting cable from sitting properly which I am told is with no gap so the cable and phone should be flush in order to properly charge.


    Maybe I need a better case. But good to know it was not anything horrible.


    Good luck and hope everyone has a simple fix like mine. Just take it in and a few minutes later Apple will have it all cleaned out and working.



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    Take it, along with the charger and cable, to an Apple store, and if they cannot fix it they will replace the phone. Be sure you back up the phone to your computer AND iCloud first.

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    Thank you guys for your response.


    I tried to go to the "Apple Store" (in Madagascar) but they say all I have to do is to buy a new lightning cable as it seem that there is a problem on my cable.


    They do not replace, they only sell

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    I just had the same problem and read all the forum advise:


    I fixed mine with the following solution:

    iphone 5 does not want to charge or it only sometimes charges and variations of it:

    My phone had all the symtoms of most of the problems and solutions mentioned but the solution was the simplest one. My son use to carry the phone in his pocket. The fluff build up in the phone, but you cannot see it as it form a flat hard surface in the back to the charger hole. I did clean it a few times but it still did not work so I though it was a software problem or the fact that I did not use an original apple cable.


    Solution: I used a thin wire (the ones used to tie plastic bags). It is soft enough not to damage anything. I kept the one side straight to scratch the charger hole, expecially the corners. I bend the other side into a small hook (2-3mm) to hook out the fluff. Keep on going as when I thought I had all of it out a big lump as hard as stone came out. This seemed to have been the problem as the charger could not get deep enough.


    The strange thing was that with the problem I could get the original apple cable to work sometimes but the generics would never work. Now that the muck is out all cables work.


    I am still struggeling to clean the speaker holes as I believe they are also full of fluff as the sound is softer than my other phones in my house hold.