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Hello all.  I recently puchased an iPad, on which I enabled my Apple I.D.  I also made sure to authorize my Mac so that there would be no issue with syncing from one to the other.  I downloaded an app for my iPad from the App Store with my Apple I.D.  However, after I did so, I received an email from Apple stating that "my Apple I.D. was used to download content on a computer or device not previously associated with that Apple I.D."  The letter then went on to say to ignore the message if I had initiated the download.

     My question is how to associate the iPad with the Apple I.D., so that I won't receive any messages like this in the future each time I install an app or make a purchase.  As I mentioned, I have already authorized my Mac, and established my Apple I.D. on my iPad.  I tried using the advice on the "iTunes Store: Associating a device or computer to your Apple I.D.", but whenever I go to my account, the "Manage Devices" tab never shows up.  Any help with this matter would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you!


Here is the link to the article I mention above:



iPad 2, iOS 6.1.3
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    Once you download an app with your ID, that should associate the device with your ID and you should not get the message again. That's what the message means - you have now associated the iPad with your Apple ID.


    A "sure fire" method would be to download any previously purchased content onto your iPad with the Apple ID that you used to purchase that content, and that should associate your iPad with your Apple ID.


    When you sign into your account in iTunes on your computer - you should see Manage Devices to the right of the iTunes in the Cloud area.


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    Thanks for your reply! Hopefully I won't see the message again after downloading another app. I actually don't use iCloud as a means of storing and transferring information, which explains why I didn't see that option.  Is there any way ti be sure without using iCloud?  Thanks again!

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    I think that you are confusing iTunes in the Cloud with using iCloud as a means of backing up and keeping all content in sync across your devices.


    iTunes in the cloud is simply the vehicle by which Apple allows users to download past purchases again for free as long as they use the same Apple ID that was used to buy the content. In a manner of speaking, your purchased content from iTunes, is stored in the cloud for you so that you can download it again on any other devices (up to 10 devices) that use your Apple ID.


    iCloud is a means of backing up and keeping devices in sync with regard to purchases and app content. It is something that you have to activate and turn on in the settings on your devices. You do not have to have an iCloud account in order to download past purchases. If you choose to have an iCloud account, you can backup your iPad to iCloud and all of your iTunes purchases - apps, music, TV Shows, Movies, books and camera roll photos are stored in the backup as well as all of your app data and device settings. If you were to erase your iPad and all of the settings on the device - say for troubleshooting purposes - you can download all of that content to the iPad again from your iCloud backup.


    The fact that you can download previously purchased app IS proof that your device is associated with your Apple ID.

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    Gotcha.  It's working now.  Thanks for your help!

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    You're quite welcome.