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somebody knows how to fix wifi problems in apply TV

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    Hi msaez,


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    The article below may be able to help you with this issue.

    Click on the link to see more details and screenshots. 


    Apple TV: Troubleshooting wireless connections






    - Judy

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    Hey Judy,


    Thanks for your help, unfortunately I have had my share of trouble with the Apple TV 3rd Gen. It was purchased on the 22nd of march 2013, It would not function properly, sometimes wifi would disconnect, it was just not working the way it should. (I know I have an apple tv 2 that has never given me a problem) Went to the apple store, they replaced it. 2 months later with the new device, It was updated and suddenly out of nowhere, it stopped detecting any wifi network. All my other devices including my iphone work perfectly fine with my router. I try connecting the apple tv to my computer to restore since it wasnt possible via wifi, and pc doesnt detect it either. Then I connected it via Ethernet, it was working. Nevertheless my router is in another room so doesnt help much. I took it to the same apple store today, and they said that the old apple tv was sent to apple care and they said it had been manipulated and they could not offer me any service. I have no idea how to even open up an apple tv. So literally they said they could not help me.  The device which was exchanged for my unit was also deffective. What options do I have?