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I notice that when I type on my Macbook Pro Retina, once in a while (it comes in waves), some of the keys stop registering.
I suspect it's not a mechanical hardware malfunction, as the keys start working a few minutes later fully normally (I can again type as fast as possible).

It's as if some software function takes priority over my keys registering, and the keys can't keep up with being registered by the computer.

Anyone else has a similar issue?  It's a bit odd.  Anything that can be done to fix this?


I just had this issue when typing an email in Mail.
I jumped over to TextEdit and it was still not working there (so it's not app specific).  I tried typing a sentence and got this:  "I st htoenms by thatsulbewsoem"


After about 5 minutes it works again totally fine.




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    Same problem here. I guess it will be fixed with an update, but it sure is pretty annoying.

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    Me too!

    Intermittant missing keystrokes. Any app including TextEdit. Not keyboard (happens with attached USB keyboard). Comes in waves (sometimes seems to be ok then comes back). Happens with no WIFI and all other apps off. This thread also applies so generic (https://discussions.apple.com/thread/5278987?start=0&tstart=0) This is the most expensive computer I have ever bought and this problem is a total disaster.

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    Same problem here. I used to use an USB mouse for some time and thought the problem was due to incompatible mouse drivers. However, I am not using any external devices now. The problem still persists. It happens very randomly and goes away after some time. Hopefully Apple will address this problem with an update soon.

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    I've had my MacBook Pro with Retina Display for about half a year already. Everything worked fine until recently.  It might have to do with updating to Mavericks. I don't do a lot of word processing so most of my typing comes from googling things. A couple of weeks ago I started having these issues. When I type some letters are missing and I have to say that I don't type very fast, I would say at average speed. And yes it kind of comes in cycles, sometimes it works just fine, another times it becomes pretty disturbing and makes it very hard to type anything. I do think (and hope) that it's a software issue. Hope they'll fix it soon.

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    I installed Keyclick app which makes a click sound when I press a key. This seemed to help a lot and if it misses I will hear it. Hope this might help you too.

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    Thanks! It might help but I do hope Apple is going to fix it soon though.

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    Sadly, I too am having this problem, and did NOT have the issue before updating to Mavericks.


    For me, it's always the first keystroke when filiing out any form in a webpage. For me, the keystroke shows up, but is instantly highlighted, as if selected, then the next keystroke wipes it out by typing over it. Talk about an interuption while typing..


    An issue of this proportion is completely unacceptable. As a web developer literally LIVING on my macbooks, this is something that should never happen and needs to be fixed. I can't even see having this type of issue on an old Acer or HP or some other junky computer, but to be having this issue on my Macs.. No, unexceptable.


    I expect and deserve more than this, regardless of the price paid (which obviously was not cheap...)