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Hi.  Exported a project as QT movie, decided I wanted to make some changes.  On the layer I'm trying to tweak, some of the keyframes are simply not showing up in the keyframe editor.  I can't see how this is user error.


I animated the "transform position x,y,z" parameters, as well as scale x and y.  Keys for the position transforms show up, the ones for scale do not. I know it's this layer, I can see the dashed lines and even the animation curves for the parameters with invisible keys, those parameters show up when I have "animated" selected for which parameters are visible, the little keyframes dots simply aren't there.   They're not covered visually by the other keys, and I can see the numbers changing in the dialogue box next to the parameter as I scroll the playhead through the timeline. 


I can't manipulate the keys while this is happening.  It won't let me delete them even if I put the playhead on the frame where the keys are (I can tell 'cause of where the numbers start to change). It wil let me ADD a keyframe on those frames, but moving the newly added keys doesn't actually move the original, invisible keys so nothing changes (or it changes incorrectly). 


This has to be a glitch/bug, but I don't know what to do about it.  Tried trashing preferences per a suggestion on these forums, but still doing the same thing.  Ideas? Thanks.

Logic Express 8