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Question1:  My MacbookPro is always connected to the mains electricity. But battery always shows 97% not 99%. Am I doing something wrong?


Question2: Is it a good habit to always have the MacbookPro laptop plugged into the main electricity when at home? Does this reduce the quality of the equipment or lessen the performance??

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    See the Apple article below.



    It is OK to leave the computer plugged in, but be certain to disconnect and use on battery power a couple times during the week, or when you need portability.

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    Stedman address your second question.


    As for the first, this is normal. You can try unplugging it for 5 min, and then plugging it back it. MBP usually only resume charging below 95%, so it is sometimes hard to even reach full charge capacity.


    Stedman addressed both your questions. Didn't see the original link posted. Message was edited by: nbar

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    Nothing to worry about, really.


    I leave my MacBook Pro plugged into mains about 98% of the time (mainly because I have a 27" monitor and use it primarily as a 'desktop'). But I have a reminder setup for every two weeks and then I will disconnect from mains and let the battery run down to 30-40% and then connect to mains again. This keeps the ions moving and the battery healthy.


    I bought my current MacBook Pro in March of 2012 and my battery 'health' reads between 98-99%.


    It's a good habit to simply disconnect from mains once every couple of weeks and let teh battery run down to 30-40% before plugging her back up.