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Every time I move a photo from one iPhoto album to another I seem to create another duplicate-I'm really annoyed at the way iPhoto is written -who wants to go into a huge, unsorted- iPhoto library and delete stuff? Is there a way I can use automator or apple script to delete a photo from one album when it is moved to another? Also , when I use PhotoShop Elements to Browse for an album made in iPhoto-the only way I can find an album is to go through every year-iPhoto can't be this bad , can it?

One more question-If I delete a photo in an album, it still remains in the library, how do I delete that without sorting through hundreds of pictures or using spotlight?

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    Welcome to the Apple Discussions. Photos you add to an album are only links to the original photo in the library. You are not duplicating files in doing so. The only time a file is duplicated is when you edit a photo and then there is a modified version created and placed in the Modified folder. You don't want to go about deleting files from within iPhoto Library folder via the Finder - Don't tamper with files in the iPhoto Library folder from the Finder.

    Albums in iPhoto are only virtual containers. There is no way you can find it and it's contents via PSE's browser. It does not exist outside of iPhoto. When you move a photo from one album to another and you don't want it in the first album you'll just have to delete it manually from that album. Remember if you delete a photo from the main library you'll be deleting every occurrence of it in your library.

    If you're trying to use Photoshop Elements to edit a photo, you don't need nor want to open it via the Finder. Instead, use iPhoto's preferences to use PSE as the editor of choice when you double click on a thumbnail in iPhoto. The only caveat to that is if you create a layered image or otherwise create a file that requires you to save it as a psd file, you must either flatten it and save as a jpg without a name change or do a Save As to the desktop and then import it as a new file. Any subsequent edit on that psd file can be make normally.
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    Thank you, question answered-now I need to know how to set up albums or files that I can access from Photoshop elements
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    The way to use PSE as your editor is to go into iPhoto's General preferences and in the "Edit photo:" menu select the bottom option which will ask you to navigate to the editor of your choice and select it.

    Now when you double click on a thumbnail it will open in PSE. The one caveat to this is if you create a layered file or one that requires the .psd extension you must either flatten the image and save it as a jpg with the same name or save to the desktop and import the new psd file. Then subsequent edits to that file can proceed as your normally would.

    You won't be able to use the browser mode of PSE to locate an album and see its contents. You must go thru iPhoto to PSE.