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    It just dawned on me. Since Steve Jobs is no longer with us and Apple, this could be the beginning of the end of Apple. I bet this iPod problem would have been resolved if Steve Jobs was here. Now we have a bunch of typical executives with no vision and no compassion for the customer.

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    Mine was just repaired for $24.99 by an eBay seller with a 100% satisfaction rating (the repairperson/seller is consumer_555264). They were very responsive and sent email every step of the way (how to ship to them, that they received it, and then that it is done and on the way back to me). That last note includes this advice:


    How to avoid this happening again

    1. Watch the Nano should not get a big bang
    2. Do not apply more pressure on the button than needed to activate the switch. Once you feel the click, don't put more pressure.


    Seems simple, but as a reminder this is a good one.

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    Same issue as everyone else. For a product this expensive and with the reputation of making "quality" products, i'm very dissapointed. I take very good care of my iPod and this should not be happening. Apple should step up and take responsibility.  When your customer uses your product as it is intended to be used and simply pushes down on the power button, this should not break. At least not within 2 years.

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    I have the same problem. The on/off button of my Nano 6G got stuck out of the blue after a year and a half of fairly light use. Took it to the Apple Store and they told me I needed to buy a new one. The guy there told me he has seen this problem quite a bit with the 6th Gen Nano.  I can buy a cheap MP3 player for 1/3 the cost that will last more than 18 months. Losing faith in Apple "quality" fast. Totally agree with Basiefan's post above. Very very disappointed both by the nano falling apart and also by the attitude of the staff at the Apple store. Simply put, the couldn't give a crap. DON'T EXPECT APPLE PRODUCTS TO LAST!

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    Oh boy - I have this same problem too. Just for the past 2 months or's annoying because just to turn it on, I have to unplug it from the charger (car) so I can select/change a song. Total pain. I plan to take it to the store and see what they will tell me. I only use it in the car, so it's had very light use as my drive to work everyday is only 10 minutes. Crossing my fingers that I can get something done for less than $65!!

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    This problem happened to mine about 3 months ago. At 19,300+ views of this thread (at the time of posting this), it seems like a lot of people are having this issue. I think Apple should live up to the issue and fix it. I will never pay $65 for the fix when this appears to be a manufacturer defect!


    Apparently there are a lot of Amazon Reviews with the same issue: reviews/B002L6HECS

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    Actually there is a much bigger thread on this issue:


    Stuck sleep/wake button?

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    First the touch screen on my 6th generation ipod stopped working so I had to buy the Apple care extended warranty to get it replaced. Then, shortly after the warranty expired the power button failed. I went to the Durham, NC Apple store today. They did nothing but offer to sell me another gen 6 for $75. Useless. I'm shopping for a new laptop and a new tablet. After this experience, I won't be buying Apple products.

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    My iPod nano now has the same issue with the power button. I want to know if Apple will stand by their product or not. If they won't, then they need to come outright and tell people that they won't support their own products. If they do have the dignity, they should have not problems with making this simple fix for their customers.

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    WOW a lot of people having the same problem am having! my ipod nano 6th gen which I really love is almost 3 yrs old now and suddenly yesterday as I was using it the button got stuck. Apple should handle this issue like how they handled the iphone 5 battery replacement program and sleep/wake button program which I both got for my iphone 5. I really love my ipod nano and I really still wanna use it some more so pls Apple we dont wanna pay $65 for a repair just off set the charge.

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    I have this same thing...


    I have this 6th gen iPod via a replacement program - I never liked it and now it wont work because the sleep wake button is broken.


    Seems to me that this is a design weakness as it is so widely reported around the internet.


    It is aggravating to be in a place where I am throwing out a product that was itself a replacement for a product that was not working properly or had some small chance of catching fire in my pocket - now it has  no chance of switching on because the button wont work.



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    I had a Ipod nano 1st generation it was doing okay and haven't had any problemes in like 4/5 years. One day Apple found out that there was a manufacturing fault and they called them all back. And they decided to send a 6th generation Ipod nano back, after like 2 months the volume button was stuck thanks Apple for taking my "good old Ipod" and giving me the worst Ipod back (6th generation Ipod)!

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    I have same issue - power button stopped working on my gen 6 nano

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    I had the same problem after using it for 2 years!!! I'm not feeling the itch to fix it for $65. :-( I hope they work on this problem or somebody please do a mass trial and sue them for it.

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    I had same problem .. My volume button plus power button stopped working . Apple should fix this problem.