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while playing music directly through my laptops internal speaker or through apple tv2 music skips (pauses for a 2-10 seconds) for no apparent reason, before continuing playback.  the problem happens at least once in every song, sometimes more and is extremely frustrating.


it is not a problem with the files in my library because playback is fine with the same files through iphone.


i'm running osx 10.8.4 on a 2 year old 15" macbook pro 2GHz intel core i7 with 8GB memory (dont think this is a ram issue either as problem persists with all aplications closed and 8 GB should be plenty!).  theres also around 150 or 200GB of space available on my hard drive, so its not that.


any suggestions on what may be cusing this or how to solve the problem would be much appreciated.



MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.4), itunes v 11.0.5
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    Thanks for the question.


    I understand you are having some issues with iTunes on your Mac. You may want to isolate the issue further by starting iTunes in safe mode:


    iTunes: Troubleshooting issues with third-party iTunes plug-ins



    You can also isolate the issue further by testing in another user account:


    Isolating an issue by using another user account






    Matt M.

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    I have this exact issue, and strangley enough with the same model MBP.


    Even with just Safari, iTunes and the Activity Monitor open, it still skips frequently; it's the most frustrating thing!


    I find it isn't as bad if the volume is one below the max volume. Unfortunately it doesn't completely stop it.


    I keep my eye on the Activity Monitor to see if anything is happening at the time of the skip but nothing stands out...


    It used to do it with Lion, now with Mountain Lion... If anyone has an answer to this, please post.


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    I'm running MAC OS 10.8.4 and iTunes 11. My wife said the CD's I made for her skip in her car CD Player. I made some in Toast that worked fine. Someone needs to get iTunes on this!

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    I'm having the same issue, with the same basic setup..  MBP 15in 2011 Core i7 2GHz 16 GB Ram OSX 10.8.5, iTunes 11.1.1 (11) 64 Bit..   I noticed when browsing just some random site on Google Chrome and using iTunes for Music, iTunes tends to skip more..  When Chrome is not running iTunes still skips not as much, but still does for the 2-10 second period during playback of a song..   I don't get skipping with other players like VLC, or Quicktime just iTunes...  I'll start to keep an eye on that Activity Monitor...

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    Any more updates on this it just started and is very annoying.  iTunes 11.1.3  2009 iMac OSX 10.9. 

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    Just upgraded my HD to a SSD, seems like my old regualr HD could of been to blame, for me..  I didn't replace my HD just for this issue I was starting to have major iPhoto library issues, I knew something was going on..  Its been a week since I replaced my Hd with the SSD songs and video play flawlessly..

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    Sorry, Matt00 this is not a third-party issue. I am having this issue on a fresh, clean computer. I found that this happened with the update to itunes 10 as well, but the problem was fixed there by affecting the preferences in quicktime. Those options are no longer available in quicktime, so what do we do? It's not a big thing we are asking for. I just want to hear my music in a way that doesn't make me feel like I'm back on the school bus with my first generation diskman.

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    This happens to me in iTunes as well with Mavericks and the new iTunes update. I have been using iTunes as my home stereo for a decade, and for about six years on this current iMac, and this is the first time that this has happened--after I updated to both Mavericks and the new iTunes.


    As an audiofile who listens to music about 80% of my waking hours, this is incredibly frustrating, and I am about to start looking for another way to listen to and buy music.


    I can also verify that this is NOT a third-party issue, as I have absolutely nothing from a third-party provider installed.