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I can no longer get a successful connection through Firewire of a DVD player into FCP 7.0.3.  After re-booting numerous times, as well as trying to "refresh A/V devices," nothing seems to work.  This is an Intel Xeon 2.8GHz Quad Core Mac running Lion V10.7.5.

Has anybody experienced this problem?  Any help is greatly appreciated...as I'm stumped!

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.2)
  • Michael Grenadier Level 7 (20,340 points)

    go to apple menu:  about this mac:  more info to launch system profiler.  Take a look and see if the firewire devices are being recognized.


    Your firewire ports can fail.


    You can install a firewire card if you've got a macpro.


    First step is to zap your p-ram.  restart holding down option-command-p-r for a few cycles.

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    Thanks for the reply Michael.  Yes, the DVD player is being recognized, but FCP won't communicate properly.  I did reset PRAM as you suggested, and still had the issue.  At one point, the Log and Capture window displayed a freeze frame of incoming video after resetting to DV 48k.  Any thoughts?  Many thanks! Peter

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    Are you trying to burn a dvd from within fcp?  Probably not the best workflow.  Can you burn dvd's from the finder?


    If you're trying to capture FROM a DVD, that never worked and is not supposed to work.

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    Thanks Michael.  I have DVD's that I want to bring into FCP 7 and have always been able to capture them fr a DVD player using "no controllable device" and DV NTSC settings.  Maybe I have just been fortunate all along and my time finally ran out.  Any other workflow suggestions?  Many thanks!

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    There are dvdvideo recorders that sometimes have a firewire connection.  It's possible that one of these might work.  And then there are dvd burners like those that are installed inside computers but are in a case to use externally.  These will never feed video into fcp.  That's just not the way they work.


    What's the brand and model number of your dvd player?


    What most people do is use a program like mpegstreamclip to "rip" the dvd and create a file that fcp can work with.  Do some searching here and you'll find lots of posts about this process.  I seem to remember somebody even created a tutorial for this.

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    My DVD-R is an older Pioneer DVR-520H-S and I used to be able to capture directly into FCP using the DV output of the deck...with playback on the DVD-R right off of the hard drive.  The MpegStreamclip workflow is fine, too, just means I have to burn a DVD from the hard drive first.  No biggie.  Thanks for all of your great advice!

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    well when I googled this model, it says nothing about a firewire or dv output


    http://www.pioneerelectronics.com/PUSA/Home/Blu-ray-Disc/Pioneer-DVD-Players/DVR -520H-S


    But perhaps the page is wrong.


    With the pioneer connected, if you go to apple:  about this mac and hit more info, you'll launch system profiler.  Does the pioneer show up under firewire?


    Is your fcp easy setup correct for this workflow?

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    Yes, it does have a 4-pin DV output on the front of the Pioneer.  It does show up being recognized by the Mac, but it's FCP that objects to recognizing it.

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    Did you make sure your easy setup for fcp was set to the appropriate format?  This is usually the source of these sorts of problems. 

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    Thanks for all of your help and guidance, Michael.  I know what to look for now.  I appreciate your time helping me out.  Peter