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I have never had troubles with Adobe before the most recent update to Safari.  Now, I have tried to install Adobe Flash Player 3 times, and I still cannot get it to work.  I can open up applications with Firefox without any problems, but this is annoying since I would much rather use Safari.


Any help with this would be Great!!

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.3)
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    Open System Preferences > Flash Player then select the Advanced tab.


    Click Delete All under Browsing Data and Settings


    Back to Safari. Press Command + Option + E to empty the Safari cache.


    Quit and relaunch Safari, try a video.



    If that doesn't help, you may have the YouTube HTML5 beta enabled.


    Opt out here >  YouTube


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    Thank you for the help Carolyn.


    I just did all the things you suggested, and I'm still running into an issue.  * I am not in the YT HTML5 beta trial *


    I guess it'd help if I were to explain what I'm trying to do:  Online Web Conferencing.  Particularly, join.me hasn't worked recently, but today I'm trying to get on AnytimeMeeting.com.


    It just keeps saying I need to Install Adobe Flash Player everytime I try to enter the online app.

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    Maek sure Java is enabled. Wtth Safari open, press Command ,  (comma) to open Safari Preferences then select the Security tab. Make sure Allow Java is selected. And you may need to deselect:  Block pop up windows then quit and relaunch Safari to test.

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    Still the same issue after doing those.

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    I am also having issues viewing PDFs.  I thought that might be relevent if the 2 issues are related?? 


    Here is a PDF that I can easily open on my iPad, but is just a page of scrambled up whatnot on my MacBook.



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    Here is what it looks like....


    Screen Shot 2013-09-03 at 12.34.05 PM.png

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    Safari Preferences... Security
    from the Safari menu bar and check the box marked Enable plug-ins.
    You do not need Java to view Flash content. The two things are unrelated. Java should not be enabled unless absolutely necessary.
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    Hey Linc,  You are right.  I turned the plug-ins back on and the PDF functions worked.


    However, I'm still having the other issue with web conferencing and Adobe Flash Player not working inside of Safari...Carolyn..... Bueller?

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    Finally!!! Thank You LINC!   I'm not much of a techie so trouble shooting is lost with me.  I've been searching and installing and uninstalling and installing and uninstalling...    BUT then came YOU!  Your fix did it for me!  Thank you for sharing!