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just bought the new Airport Extreme "tower" and now of course my older A1264 units are not recognized by either my iMac (OS10.7.5) or Macbook Pro (OS10.8.4).  both computers are running Airport Utility 6.3.1


Any thoughts? 

Thanx a lot-

Airport Extreme, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.4)
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    Did you just use the AirPort Utility's "automatic mode" to set up the new 802.11ac Extreme? If so, then it may not have properly recognized what your networking goals are for all of your base stations.


    I would strongly recommend that you start fresh by performing a "factory default" reset on each base station, and then, use the AirPort Utility to set up your network.

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    Thanks for response Tesserax.  I set up a network with Airport Utility, fully expecting to see my two A1264 Express units.  They are not recognized.  How can I perform a "factory default" reset on my A1264's if they are not recognized?  Not sure if you understand the question.  I was using old A1264's connected to receivers around the house, cranking my iTunes via Airplay...  worked fine with my older A1034 base station.  But now nothing with the new Airport Extreme.   


    I need to know if it's even possible to use the old A1264's with the new Airport Extreme.  and if so what am I missing?  I need specifics.  thanks.

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    After shutting down all shared computers on my network (my roommate was apparently sharing a duplicate IP address) I was able to recogize the old A1264 Airport Express on my laptop running OS10.8.4 (Mountain Lion)...  so it's all good and I'm back to enjoying Airplay throughout the house...  and superfast WiFi w my new Airport Extreme.  yahoo!

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    I'm glad you got it worked out ...