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ok, so I know there are tons of discussions about how to replace a cracked screen DIY, and how the out of warranty replacement costs works and prices, etc..


But, my questions is do I really need to replace it if it otherwise is working ok?  i.e., is there something else that oculd be wrong with it, or something else that could happen later that I really need to.  It doesn't really affect screen viewing, just stares at me when screen is locked and makes me angry. ipad mini in a xdoria smart cover case dropped about a foot flat on front.

both pictures below show the ipad in the same position. can't really tell crack when screen is on.  a little obvsious when screen is flat on table and i'm trying to type (can see fractured light a little).


can physically feel crack on the surface.


only had it a month, can't even blame the kids, **** it!