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I have two identical Powermac G5 Quads running 10.5.8.  I installed Soundtrack 2 on the one I primarily use (the other is a backup) and Soundtrack 2 will do everything except export as an audio file (.aif).  I installed the same Soundtrack 2 on the other quad computer and it exports fine.  I made a super-duper clone of the first computer’s drive and booted the first computer from it and Soundtrack II still would not export.  I connected the same Firewire clone (of the first computer) to the second quad and booted from it and the same Soundtrack II on that clone connected to the second computer exported fine.  So I figured the system of the first computer must be okay and it must be some hardware problem or firmware.  But I tested the ram with member and then tested  with Apple Service Diagnostic 2.6.3 and it showed everything okay.  Also the firmware version on both computers are the same and are the most recent versions for the quad.  Any suggestions?