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The screen of genius recommendations from the App Store won't scroll, it is as if the screen is frozen. All other sections in the App Store work fine.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.4)
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    The Mac App Store or iTunes Store?

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    The App Store

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    This happens in the App Store on my iPad. I'm guessing that's what vraver04 means. I haven't found a solution. I've tried closing the App Store app. It's been stuck like this for awhile.


    iPad 3rd gen

    iOS 6.1

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    I have had the problem now for about one week,  maybe a little more. I have the first Retina Ipad withIOS6 latest upgrade. I have the 64 and AT&T wireless version.


    It is just the scroll-- If you click on an app on the genius screen it opens up and closes fine. But you cannot scroll down to see more of the recommended apps. Other windows in the genius app work fine.


    Somewhere there was a suggestion for genius issues to disable the location services for genius, but I tried it, then closed and reopened the App Store app, and it was still stuck. Rebooting the ipad.


    I do not think you can erase and reinstall the App Store app, so I have not been able to try that. Seems like Apple needs to do a download software fix for this.

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    Same problem, for about two weeks now.  Ipad2, latest version.  Genius page won't scroll.

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    Yes that is what I meant.  Sorry forgot to include this was on my ipad '3'.

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    Yup yup, same here.  It was working fine until about 10 days ago or so, can't tell you the exact date.  Now the only way to look at all the suggestions is to mark whatever you don't want as not interested, look at the screen in portrait mode, exit and while you're using another app force close the App Store, then when you reopen the App Store and look at the genius suggestions, you can see the next 4 applications it suggests.  It's sort of a very stupid genius if it doesn't let you scroll through the suggestions, isn't it?

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    Wonder if this is an update bug. Mine has been the same. I can't scroll in the App Store genius. Been that way for over a week so far. Have tried resetting all my ipad settings with no luck.

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    I have the same problem with my iPad 4 bought June 11, 2013. Several weeks after I bought it, the App Store Genius page would no longer scroll. I have spent hours on the phone with Apple tech support. Basically we backed up the iPad data to my Mac, reset the iPad to its original factory settings, and then restored the data to the iPad. This did not solve the problem. The technical advisor concluded one of my purchased apps must have created the problem. He said all I could do was delete the apps one at a time and see if the scroll function was restored. I am willing to try this, but I'm skeptical it will work.


    In case it is a faulty app, here is the list of those I've downloaded. Maybe other viewers can scan this list to see if there is an app we all have used that might be the culprit.


    AirPort Utility, AudioNote Lite, Calculator%, Calculator (7th Gear), CardioLinks for iPad, Citrix Receiver, Dermatology-a Living Medical e Textbook, Diabetes-a Living Medical e Textbook, Dragon Dictation, Epocrates, Epson iPrint, Essential Skeleton 2, Evernote, Facebook, Find My Friends, Find My iPhone, Fly Delta for iPad, Google Earth, Google Maps, iBooks, iTune U, Junos Pulse, La Biblia Reina Valera, Lab Values Reference Lite, Medscape, Monthly Prescribing Reference, 3M Littmann SoundBuilder, Podcasts, QR Reader for iPad, STAR 99.1, Star Chart, UpToDate, USAA App for iPad.


    Hope someone can solve this.

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    Airplayit HD or Airplay HD did it for me.  I saw one like that on your list and deleted mine and now it works fine. I am going to try to install it again. But de

    Eating it did the. Trick for me.

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    Yup my problem app was Air Playit HD. I think. I had several Mexican nursing apps but for some reason thought it might be an airplay issue. I do also have medscape etc type apps medscape, skyscape, epocrates and some others. But the first one I assumed may be a problem was Air Playit which sends my Microsoft laptop to my Apple TV via my ipad and it was.   I reinstalled it and all is fine for now.

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    Last post sorry, had to laugh at auto spell... "Mexican Nursing". Medical/nursing ....

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    I don't know how or why, but today my scrolling problem went away (I posted a "me too" message above).  I did not try deleting anything, but I have seen a lot of updates recently, so maybe one of my 250+ apps got updated and that fixed it.  But I still think it's a very odd scenario, and can't understand how another app could cause the iTunes Genius screen to stop scrolling.  Is anyone else here still having trouble?


    P.S.  I did turn on the iPad's native Airplay and mirroring with my AppleTV the other day (not "Air Playit", I don't have that), so maybe that cleared it?  Still, weird issue.  I don't have any of the apps CWoernle listed above except Google Maps, and who knows, that might have been one of the automatic updates.

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    After reading flguy's post, I just discovered my Genius page scrolls again! I was about to delete AirPort Utility per Xnrgx's post, but thought I'd first try it one more time. And voila! Who knows why it stopped working for a couple weeks. BTW, I did not have any update prompts today, and it was not working this morning.


    Thanks for the comments, everyone.