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Hi guys,


I recently ordered my first MacBook Pro which is on it's way! Was reading up on the best way to transfer my files from my Windows laptop to my Mac and got a little confused when it came to the whole formatting of external hard drives.


I needed an external hard drive anyway as I have A LOT of music which I'd like to back up for safety, so I have no issues with paying for one. So I at first need to use it to transfer files from my Windows laptop to my Mac, and then be able to use it as backup for the Mac.


When trying to work it out for myself I thought FAT32 was the way for me to go, but I then read the maximum size of a file can only be 4GB, and my iTunes folder is 42GB itself, so I'm guessing that won't work.


I've exhaused myself trying to work out what it all means and I don't feel like I've got anywhere with it. I just want to be able to transfer from my Windows laptop to my Mac and then use it to backup my music from my Mac. Can anyone help me figure this thing out and advise me on what I need to do? Which one do I buy?


Thanks guys,



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