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Hi All

Any suggestions to get my play all script to work, it keeeps returning to the menu page after the first track, I scripted it to PLay all using Hal Mcleans scriptScreen Shot 2013-09-04 at 11.17.54.png

then set each track end jump  to this play next scriptScreen Shot 2013-09-04 at 11.19.52.png

with the final track end jump returning to the menu.

All ments have a pre script set to this scriptScreen Shot 2013-09-04 at 11.21.45.png

Cheers for any help



Final Cut Pro 7, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.3)
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    scripting is not the easiest thing to master.  I've had to do it a few times when I had no choice, but not a lot of fun.  Have you tried just building a single track and using stories for individual sections?  This way the playall button just takes you to the single track.  And next and previous chapters works flawlessly within the PlayAll. 

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    yes tried that, but the problem i had was we need the individual tracks to return to the main when selected as well as a play all and a play all commentary , which was tricky as to snyc the audio tracks perfectly and then I had the dual layer selection layer  0 exceeds message as I duplicated the tracks, its a dual layer DVD.

    I just need that basic function of play all and then the indiivual track returning to the menu, I think i am getting my scripts and end jumps over riding each other....it works fine in the simulator but not on the other computer.

    tahnks for your reply Michael

    so frustrating here....

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    Not sure I understand.  Story's can have whatever end jump you want. 

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    thanks for the reply

    my issue which is holding me up is, I ve done a play all script and it goes to the first track then returns to the menu, if i press the next button in the simulator it goes to the next track, but if i let it play it returns to the menu just like i want it to when the viewer selects the track indivually,

    so something , like an end jump , chapter marker, end jump or a setting is sending the track 1 to return to the menu it came from, its been a while since i made a dvd so i am not familiar with all its functionality.

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    Michael is quite right to suggest stories - the script you are using is complex because I used track values and increments instead of track names. the reason for this is that I don't always know the track names and using a value means I can safely ignore the name part... but it *is* overly complex for what you are doing.


    Remember also that stories can be added without them taking up space on the disc. Thus, you can have one story for a play all, and another story for the play one section. Each can have thier own end jump.


    The problem with this is that in some DVD players, the track number in the display on the hardware won't reflect what is going on. If this isn;t an issue for you, then stories are far easier to do this with!