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When I try to repair the disk from my booted OSX it says something like "Your filesystem is broken and has to be repaired from the rescue partition". When I do so, the DiskUtility doesn't find any errors and says "everything seems to be fine".


So any idea, what I can do now?






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    Start a thread in the Mountain Lion Mac OS X forum, if you need help repairing and restoring your system. This is about setting up a Mac to run Windows natively on its own partiton.


    DU is not conclusive running verify while booted from a hard drive you want to check, it should be done from Recovery partition or another bootable disk with same version of OS X and DU.


    You can't repair, you can verify - but I never use verify. Keep a clone of your system, and of course Recovery.


    Do you have an issue with Boot Camp? maybe this should be moved again.