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Ok I know there's load on this here, but having got lost in the melée....  can anyone help with my specific issue?


I have a project - all footage transferred in from AVHCD, shot at HD 1920 x 1080 at 25 fps.


Now I need to bring in a some files shot on an NTSC DV camera.


They're arriving as .dv files and I can open them in JES Deinterlacer ok. This is the codec window:




I can import the MPEG 4 into the project and this is its properties:




Still at 29.97 fps and NTSC.


So I covert in Streamclip to PAL and I get a PAL file but still at 29 fps.


'PAL' properties.jpg


The clip renders and plays ok though obviously the size/quality is a massive issue, but parking that - I'm not happy that the clip still has an NTSC frame rate.


What do I stilll need to do if I'm to avoid other problems?


Many thanks