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I am using about 10 Apple TV 3s at our corporate location and I am trying to open a Home Sharing connection to 5 of the units from a Mac Mini.  I can always make a connection to 4 but when I go to the 5th one, it cannot make the connection.  Doesn't matter which one it is.  Just always the 5th one. If I close Itunes and restart, I can go to each of the Apple TVs and make the connection until I get to the 5th one and it wont connect, even though it connected last time.  I am running Itunes 11.0.5 64bit.  Apple TV 3s with the latest software installed.  All ATVs and server are on the same network.


Through my research I have seen people say that there is no limit, but I am definitely seeing a cuttoff at 4 (cannot connect #5).


Any help would be greatly appreciated.


PS. Sure would like Apple developers to recognize that the ATV is being used in business and start developing some business centric tools to allow us to manage the ATVs.



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