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Hi everyone.

On the company I work for we are building a OS X environment to manage a 35 MAC farm.

We are stuck on a reliable solution for BACKUP (we thought about Carbon Copy, since TimeCapsule is not really reliable), Failover (we know it was available until 10.4 - Someone found a solution for it?) and redundancy (the only thing I found was R.A.I.S. - but you have to reboot manually the backup server after the first one goes down.. Not a very professional solution..)


Thanks in advance.

OS X Server (Mac Mini), OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.4), OS X Server - Mac Mini Servers
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    What about Time Machine?

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    For network backup, I'm partial to CrashPlan myself.  I backup 4 Mac laptops and my Mom's iMac (300 miles away) to a Mac mini in the basement.  Also the company I work for is going to be rolling out CrashPlan for desktop backup during the next year.


    I would suggest breaking your question out into separate posts.  That way the replies do not focus on just one aspect (such as backups) and loose your other questions.

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    Time machine isn't really a reliable Backup, maybe for home users, but not really for a company environment.

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    RafaMertens wrote:


    Time machine isn't really a reliable Backup, maybe for home users, but not really for a company environment.

    And your evidence for that is what?

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    There are many, many elements to your question. Too many to answer without more details.


    For example, you don't even mention what kind of services you're running.


    A 'server' can do many things. Are you running directory services? DNS? DHCP? email? web? home directories? file sharing? more?


    Each of these components has differing requirements for backup, redundancy and availability. Without knowing what services you're running it's hard to advise you on the best solutions.

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    I used time machine at home and I had a lot of problems with backups already. When you have too much to backup it is not reliable.

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    I'm running OD, NetInstall and a small file share (30 GB).

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    How can you have "too much to backup"? That sounds oike your backu drive was too small. Time Machine is the best backup solution there has ever been. It redefined the task essentially put the rest of the backup industry out of business. There is a reason you can't find any other Mac backup solution other than shareware cloning tools. Time Machine killed them.

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    etresoft. i don't know how much have you tested and how much did you researched about time machine.. but it has SEVERAL known issues with backups, with servers even more.

    You can see some of them here:



    I never said it was not a good solution. I said it was not reliable as a server solution.

    I myself use it at home.

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    That article is almost 3 years old. Time Machine now supports bootable backups, encryption, and offsite backups. Time Machine Server is one of the key features of OS X Server.


    Perhaps you should clarify just what you are trying to do. Are you trying to backup client machines or server data? With 30 GB of data, you are firmly in USB thumb drive territory. I can absolutely guarantee that Time Machine is more than adequate for that. If you are trying to backup client machines then Time Machine is still the best solution. Depending on what you are doing with those client machines, you may want either local or remote backups - or both. Again, not a problem for Time Machine.

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    I am backing up SERVER data.

    I need a backup from the server.. the clients I don't need backup.


    I have a Thunderbolt small storage with 2x 2TB disks on RAID.


    and regarding time machine backup..



    Time machine CAN'T create a reliable Server backup because it has problems backing up the OD files.

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    In this case I should take a look at P5 backup from Archiware http://www.archiware.com

    http://www.archiware.comit's the best soloution I have seen for years.


    And I agree with you Time Machine is't for buisiness installations, its a consumer product with to few configurable optins, lack of log files etc etc

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    etresoft, Thanks for the KB link. I was hoping that Apple had fixed the past problems of time machine backing up a server and I consider that artical a good indication that they have.